Today was a big day for all the organic only people in Bloomington today. There where many people who wanted to raise chickens in their backyard and the city finally passed a law where home owners can have up to 5 hens.  There are some zoning laws that still apply and rosters are still not allowed. I am guess roosters are not allowed do to how loud they can be in the morning.

One man that made to chuckle, was this guy who showed up to a council meeting to show his support for the right to raise backyard chickens.


I’m not sure how the council meeting went, but about a month later, the new law was passed, so it must have been somewhat effective.

Now that there is a law I may decide to get some chicken of my own. I already have some used chicken coop plans from an old friend who raises them in my home town of South Bend.   I also have everything I need to know from the Backyard Chicken site, which is apparently field with other chicken farmers.
So what about you guys. Are you going to start raising backyard chickens now?