Slot Overview: Elysian Jackpots

In Ancient Greek mythology, the afterlife was spent in the paradisal Elysian Fields, also called Elysium. In Elysium, “ocean breezes blow around the island of the blessed, and the flowers of gold are blazing,” and only individuals with divine ties or special merit were allowed to live there. Pindar and Hesiod did a great job describing that; it sounds fantastic. This heavenly kingdom is the setting for Elysian Jackpots, another progressive jackpot slot machine by Yggdrasil Gaming. With its Pick ‘n Click feature, Jackpot Free Spins, and Treasure Chest Bonus Game, this one is hardly a progressive jackpot slot machine.

The Elysian Fields are a must-see if you’re even somewhat interested in Greek mythology. Envision yourself surrounded by the greatest minds and doers of all time while you spend your days philosophizing, playing sports, or plucking a lyre. The grandeur of such a location has been captured rather well by Yggdrasil Gaming. The backdrop of Elysian Jackpots is an uplifting depiction of Ancient Greek architecture, including temples, columns, lush vegetation, flowing water, and clear blue skies. Its reel area and symbols stand out as being slightly odd in contrast, but not so much as to be off-putting. Thankfully, the mysterious atmosphere is poured back in by the dreamy soundscape.

The playing field has 5 reels with 3 rows each and 20 paylines for standard line winnings. The game has a low volatility and a maximum return to player value of 96% (with 3.8% of each wager going to the jackpots). The non-jackpot max win is 1,265 times the investment. The game’s description notes that “the probability to win the Jackpot in each spin is proportional to the player’s bet size,” so you should adjust your wager accordingly. The stakes range from 10 pence to £/€40 each spin.

While jackpots are everyone’s ultimate desire, regular line winnings are awarded if three or more identical symbols appear on a payline in consecutive order from left to right. Metallic plant cover The lowest paying symbols are the J through A royals (earning 6.5 to 10 times the wager for 5 of a kind), while the highest paying symbols are the rings, chalices, female, and male characters (paying 37.5 to 200 times the wager for 5 of a kind). The game’s description boasts a 28.09% success rate, which seemed high to us during testing, given that there are no wild symbols to assist players form winning combinations.

Heavenly Payouts: Slot Machine Options

Six keys are inserted into the corresponding slots underneath the reels at the start of each session. There are 5 distinct colors of keys, and winning 1 Jackpot Gem and 10 free games by collecting 5 of the same color is possible. The scatter symbols, Pick & Click Game, Jackpot Free Spins, and Treasure Chest Bonus are some of the other features of Elysian Jackpots.

Scatter Chart

at the default setting, the shield scatter can occur at any location on the board. When you successfully land two of them, the Pick and Click Game will begin. If at least three scatters appear, a bonus round or free spins will be triggered. If you get 4 or 5 scatters, you’ll win 50x or 500x your original wager.

To Play, Simply Click!

For this function, the player is presented with a screen containing five vases. The payoff for picking the vase can range from 1 to 4 times the wager in cash, or it can be free spins, the Treasure Chest Bonus, or a random key.

Extra Prize Chest Hunt

In this area, three treasure boxes will appear. Picking a chest yields either a random key or a monetary prize ranging from 5x to 100x the initial wager. This continues until the selected chest is destroyed by a falling boulder.

No Risk Turns

In addition to the methods just described, free spins can also be triggered by collecting 5 of the same key color. Jackpots may be won during the free spins round, which increases the value of each win by a factor of 3. You’ll need to amass 5 diamonds of the same hue for this. These jackpots can start at €40, €200, €600, €1,500, or €15,000 and come in a variety of colors (blue, green, violet, red, and orange).

Heavenly Payouts: The Slots’ Final Say

There’s a xylophone’s worth of variety in progressive jackpot design and implementation. Games like Mega Moolah and Dream Drop are on one end of the spectrum, while Elysian Jackpots is on the other. Players who prefer to be kept occupied as they spin for one of five small jackpots may find this slot to their liking due to its moderate volatility, relatively high default RTP, and unique combination of features. Attempt, at the very least. Players who liked the features of Jackpot Raiders, another slot machine, would also enjoy this one. Or, perhaps, Frost Queen Jackpots.

In our testing, we found that bonus rounds occurred often but were of very modest value. It was moderately fun to pretend there was a strategy to opening chests (there wasn’t) in order to move on in the round. Similar to those memory games where a series of lights flashes and the player presses corresponding buttons to replay the scene.

The Pick & Click Game is a fun extra since it’s always nice to win something, even if it’s only a random tease; you never know when clicking on something may lead to a bonus round. The jackpot seed values aren’t terrible, especially considering the game’s modest skill level and the size of the prize. On the flip hand, you shouldn’t expect a Mega Moolah-style cash shower from them because they don’t get very high. The Orange Jackpot from Elysian Jackpots is likely to drop to around €30,000, targeting the higher end of the market.

There has to be a wide variety of people in the world, and although some people might want to chase the biggest pots in the world, others might be quite happy with more grounded ideals. In such case, Elysian Jackpots is a good alternative to try one’s luck with because of its engaging gameplay. Neither the most exciting nor the most rewarding jackpot slot available, but if you happen find the maximum return to player version, giving it a spin to see what all the fuss is about might not be such a bad idea.